Betrayed by Comrades

The Link above the picture takes you to a podcast. It is an interview about Alice’s life, as part of a series called Cold War Conversations. For those of you who have followed my journey of discovery through these blogs, it tells her story in a more chronological way.

4 thoughts on “Betrayed by Comrades

  1. Hi Liz, Thank you. Good to see you both today and catch up. Hope your journey home went well. Best wishes Peter

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  2. Dear Ms. Kohn, I tried to leave a comment earlier but am not sure it worked, as I wasn’t logged in to WP. At any rate, I listened to the Cold War Conversation interview with you and was fascinated by Alice’s story as it overlaps with my own research. Would it be possible for us to communicate directly? With kind regards, Thea F.


  3. Dear Ms. Kohn. I am glad to see your articles. Recent time I work on website (will be released soon) about my home town Ruzomberok, were Alice was born. I would like to cover people like Alice, they were living in Ruzomberok. Unfortunately thanks of WW2 most of Jewish disappeared from my town and some of them were interesting persons. Alice is one of the best and we don’t know about her. I will use your articles as sources. I prepare all just in Slovak, but maybe later I will translate it. Anyhow I will appreciate to be in touch with you.


    1. Really interesting to hear from you and what you are doing. I am away from home at the moment, so will reply at greater length when I get back next week. Are you also writing about Helena Petranková?


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